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I want you to know me a little better because once we have started it´s all about you, what you need, what you want and how you can reach your goals! That´s the purpose of MindsettingCourses.

So I know you think: “Why should I trust her? Who is she?”

Here you can learn a great deal about me and my way to resilience and a happy life!

I´m a master in hypnosis and a counselor in conflict relief.

With my courses here on MindsettingCourses and my other site Mindsetting Books I want to support and help persons, who feel like their life needs a new meaning and a new perspective.

I changed much on my way to more self-esteem and feeling more content in every aspect of my life.

Years before now I was very depressed, had fibromyalgy and migraines most days in a month. because of the pain I took to much pills and was addicted to them.
I was not able to work and it was a really hard time.

During my further education as counselor I finally woke up! I saw that my perspective was exactly that: MY perspective!

And I learned, that I can change this perspective. I didn´t have to feel this way!

And so I began to work on my wellbeing. It was sometimes complicated but my education and the use of hypnosis made another person.

All that accelerated enormously when my son was born. With the will to be there for him every minute I had a good time on improving more of my skills and succeded!

I´m now free from pain, free in my thoughts, I let all boundaries go and live my life the way I want!

And I want that for every person who feels the need to break their own chains and liberate themselves from unhealthy boundaries, thoughts and want to learn and apply the most important trait a human can have: resilience!

So come with me on the journey to improve how you feeling today! You know, when you are able to change just 1 % everyday you have changed 365 % in one year!

Have fun while you are working on your attitude and it´s not like working.

Let me support YOU on your way. You deserve it!!

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